GM Radio Fehlercodes

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GM Radio Fehlercodes

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Grüß Euch,

falls mal wieder das Thema aufkommen sollte wegen den Radio Error Codes kann man sich hier schonmal selbst ein bild vom fehler machen:

Some Delco CD Changer & tape Player Errors:

E10 Tight tape Cause: A restricted cassette tape transport or broken cassette drive belt correction: Substitute a different cassette tape. If there still is an error code, send unit in for repair.

E11 Broken tape Error Cause: Substitute a different cassette tape.

E12 Communication Error Cause: A vehicle/radio communication problem or an internal radio communication problem Correction, Disconnect the battery voltage to the radio,then reconnect after a few minutes.

E13 Tape communication Error Cause: The micro-processor is reading the speed pulses from the tape deck either too fast or too slow,Correction: Itthe tape player is still playing a cassette, try a new cassette, if there is still an error, send to service shop.

E14 Wrapped Tape Cause: The tape is wrapped around the capstan. This means a tape is wound up in the tape player. This error message, Other cause could be old or damaged when a CD adapter is being used.

Some CD Errors

E20 Focus Error Cause: The CD player cannot focus on the disc or there is an internal focus problem, Correction: Try cleanig the disc or using a newer disc, Make sure the disc is loaded correcty. The road could be too rough or there is too much humidity. If the problem is not corrected, send unit to service.

E21 Tracking Error Cause: Correction try cleaning the disc or using a newer disc. Make sure the disc is loaded correcty. The road could be too rough or there is too much humidity, send for repair service (Tracking error can also be caused by blemishes on the disc)

E22 Motor Error: The CD motor is not handling the compact disc properly, needs service.

E23 Communication Error: There is a vehicle/radio communication problem or an inter radio communication problem, Correction: Disconnect battery voltage to the radio and then reconnect after a few minutes, If there still a problem, send to repair center.

Some CD Changer Errors

E30 Focus Error: (Optics focus error may be due to moisture, upside down discm or empty cart)

E31 Tracking Error: Try cleaning the disc or using a newer disc. Make sure the disc is loaded correcty. ( Tracking error can be cause by blemishes on the dics)

E32 Load & Unload motor Problem: The CD motor is not handling the compact disc properly or defective magazine mounting screws are interfering with the mechanism. Correstion: Reload the magazine. If the problem continues, back out mounting screws, If the condition is corrected, replace the screws with shorter screws or add washers to the existing screws, problem still exists send to service center.

E33 CD Changer Communication Error: Ther is a vehicle/ radio communication problem or internal radio communication problem. Correction: Disconnect battery voltage to the radioand reconnect after a few minutes. If ther still a an error, determine if the problem is with the radio, the harness or the changer. Inspect for correct voltage at all connectors, still a problem, send to service center.

E34 CD Changer Door Open

E35 Changer Cartridge Empty.

FM 10-Disc Changer Error

E01 Cause: This indicates a malfunction of the disc changer functions.
A: Press the reset button on both the changer and the remote. The reset button on the changer is located on the front panel of the unit, It can beactivated with the tip of a pin.
B: If the unit does not operate after resetting it, remove the magazine by inserting a business card between the magazine and the mechanism. The lock lever will disengage to allow the magazine to eject.
C: Make sure all CDs are in the magazine, a CD is found lodged in the carriage, remove all CDs from the magazine and reinsert the magazine into the changer.
D: Press the eject button. This should cause the loged CD to move from the carriage into the empty magazine. The magazine should automatically eject and normal operation will return.
E: If the changer fails to resume normal operation, send unit for repair.

Information on Bad Bose Speaker Amplifier

(Squealing & popping) This is a common problem on Bose amplifiers produced by from a date 1985-1996 in Corvette, Camaro, Buick, and Cadillac, also any other car manufacturers that used the Bose system.

All of the green capacitors on the amplifier board were very low quality, and heat causes them to leak and go out faster. It is extremely hard to change the green capacitors if you don't have a electronic background or the equipment to replace these capactors, you need to have a experience electronics shops to replace the small green capactors, they are temperature values rating changes, the values are 1uf, 4.7uf, 10uf, 47uf Some cars with 2.2uf, 22uf this may change, depend on the type of board you have.

CDM box or Bose amplifiers/ Speakers?

If you have snapping and popping from some of the speakers, the CDM box can be Bad also if item was wet or water damage, to check for bad speakers. you can switch the right to left & left to right, if the problem changes, you have a bad speaker, do the same with the speaker amplifier, only do this if you have bad sound on one side (front are rear)

The CDM Amplifier

When the head unit is turned on and off, you should hear a click from the relay inside the CDM box can be found under the dash board and for Conv, in back of the passenger seat, water and corrosion can damage these unit CDM amplifier, check your windows weather-stripping for leaks.

Did you know

1# If you hear a pop or static when you turn the stereo off, you may have a bad speaker relay.

2# If you have one bad speaker amplifier, you should have the two replace or repaired at the same time, the output from the amplifier decreases with the age of the amplifier.

3# When a speaker amplifier goes bad, it can blow your speakers or cause a fire in the car, because a high dc voltage goes out to the speaker, that will cause the coil in the speaker to get hot and then it will do a burn out.

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